Holiday Foods You Should Never Feed Your Pets

Feeding your pets at the holidays? Here are some foods you should avoid to keep them happy and healthy.

Holidays make pets and people happy! There is a great food spread to delight your family and your pets. But there are some foods that should not be given to pets, especially around the holidays. Chocolate is a well-known pet poison, but there are other holiday foods that can be just as dangerous. This article lists those controllable holiday foods to avoid giving to your pet!

Processed, Fattening Foods

Some foods for pets can be dangerous. Turkey skin, chicken skin, and gravy are high in fat and can make your pet sick. They may vomit or have diarrhea. Rich, fatty foods can also make your pet’s pancreas work too hard. This can irritate the pancreas and make your pet’s digestion worse.


You may have seen your pet chewing on a bone and thought, “It’s natural for him to have a bone.” But all cooked bones should be avoided. When bones are cooked, they become brittle and can break. These small pieces can get lodged in your pet’s throat or digestive system, causing serious injury. We recommend talking with us about the type of raw bones that are safe for your pets.

Onions and Garlic

Your pet has an upset stomach? It might be related to onions or closely related vegetables. Garlic and scallions are both on the list of foods your pet can’t eat. Cats and dogs who eat these foods can experience gastrointestinal irritation. But there is some debate on the appropriate levels of garlic in your pet’s diet


Chocolate is toxic to dogs! The type and amount of chocolate, as well as the dog’s weight, will determine the seriousness of the situation. If you know your dog has eaten chocolate, make sure you monitor for signs of toxicity and contact your vet.

Alcoholic Beverages

Drinking alcohol is not advised for pets. It can be dangerous for them, and they could end up gulping your eggnog. The holidays are a time for celebrating, but it’s important to keep in mind that many drinks are full of alcohol — and they’re often unattended. Pets can end up drinking rum-soaked fruitcake and other holiday goodies.


Chocolate, alcohol, and fruitcake might not be a surprise to think of as poisonous to your pets. Raisins and grapes, however, are less often known to be toxic. They can cause kidney failure in dogs. Symptoms of toxicity are vomiting and hyperactivity. That means you need to be careful with your pet’s diet. Keep all desserts, fruitcakes, fruit baskets, etc. away from your dog at all times.


Not all nuts are good for your pet. Some, like peanuts and hazelnuts, are safe for your pet. Others, like almonds and walnuts, can cause minor to severe reactions.

Milk Products

Would you have guessed that a cute kitten drinking milk can actually be pretty bad? That’s right, it’s not so cute. In fact, dogs and cats aren’t built like humans to break down lactose. What does this mean? Well, ingestion of dairy products can lead to acute intestinal distress.

Yeasty Doughs

Bread is bad for your dog. It may seem cruel, but this is how it goes. When your pup accidentally eats an unbaked dinner roll, the dough will expand in their stomach and cause bloating. The fermentation process can also result in alcohol absorption which we know is not good for them.

It’s the holiday season, and it’s important that you protect your pets. Make sure that your guests know to avoid feeding table scraps or too many treats to your animals.